Why HyperActive? 

At Hyperactive our main focus is on building relationships through our amazing service and games. 


By choosing HyperActive, you're setting yourself up for continued success for your business and your clients alike. 


Since terminal gaming began for Illinois back in 2012, it has grown to encompass a total of 6,500+ restaurants, bars, and other venues featuring 32,000+ gaming machines! Don't miss out. Learn More Today!


Today, we operate over 250 machines around some of the most high-traffic establishments such as bars, restaurants, convenience stores, truck stops, bowling alleys, fraternal organizations and more.


Your Profits

Many establishments are making additional profits in the range of $50,000 - $100,000 annually by successfully having the location be a gaming venue. In fact, we have some of our locations that will add almost $200,000 to their bottom line profit. These numbers are not just marketing hype, but are based on statistical projections. By simply allowing Hyperactive Gaming to install and maintain its top-of-the-line VGTs at your establishment, you can significantly increase your net income.

Moreover, video gaming will give you a competitive advantage over your competitors by increasing your customer base - further boosting your revenue from your core business.



Hyperactive Gaming technicians and handlers are licensed by the Illinois Gaming Board and trained to service all our VGTs. Our management team's expertise in the electronics and computer industries translates into effective support to your establishment. Specifically, our experience managing electronics repairs and on-site servicing further ensures the superior service that we will provide to all establishments.


Our Expertise

Our highly skilled management team works with you to analyze the factors behind your gaming revenue. We focus on strategies to maximize each establishment's gaming profits, while our experience in gaming and attention to customer service are the best guarantees of your success. HyperActive Gaming also uses tested marketing methods to drive most favorable results. Our professionals will invest the time necessary to fully understand your marketing, promotional, and gaming needs in order to be more profitable.



We are privately owned and funded and have access to lines of credit with major financial institutions. This ensures that you will never have to wait for us to provide you with equipment or service.

How we can help! 

  • No matter if you need help with machine operations, marketing your new systems, updating to new games or anything in between, Hyperactive has your back and you have our full support.

  • For ongoing operations we offer key metric analysis to help you understand the best placements and balance of games to have in your location.

  • After you receive your gaming systems, we can help you market them with advertising templates based around our most popular machines.

  • When you decide it’s time to upgrade your systems, have no fear, we provide you regular support and maintenance upgrades so you’ll always be secure.

  • Beyond the games themselves, we will also provide you a secure fund-collection service, machine-fill service and optional ATM functionality if needed.

  • We have finance team on staff to help process your payments, simplify any reimbursements and help track allowable municipality fees as per the direction of the Illinois Gaming Board. You can be provided activity reports up to twice a month. 

  • In addition, our compliance team will help keep you aware of all rules and regulations while communicating as a direct liaison to the Illinois Gaming Board.

  • In regards to Marketing your games, we have a world-class team available to assist in driving traffic to locations through digital or print campaigns, along with other promotions and VIP events.

  • Hyperactive provides you with some of the most cutting-edge gaming equipment on the market. No other competitors in this market bring anywhere near the operational efficiencies, years of experience, and consistent expertise to make your business successful.


The video gaming industry today is incredibly profitable and will help make a huge impact your increased bottom line.